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About us

Jewelbox makes new age jewellery for today’s woman. It aims to make luxury affordable and sustainable because ‘Diamonds are for everyone!’

Precious and Rare, a Diamond is not found Everywhere

A diamond represents the beauty of new beginnings and at the same time, it carries with itself a legacy of generations bygone. In his description of a diamond, Hafiz (a Persian Poet) said "the rainbow is contained within it forever". Such is the beauty of a diamond! A diamond speaks a thousand words, evokes countless memories and brings forth a multitude of emotions. Such is the power of a diamond! Diamonds are everlasting, sentimental, and spiritual. They make your eyes sparkle. Such is the wonder of a diamond!

The Journey of a Lifetime with Jewelbox

Gone are the days when diamonds were unattainable and only for a select few. With Jewelbox, diamonds are for everyone. With an affordable range of lab-grown diamond jewellery, you are sure to cherish your purchase for a lifetime. A lab-grown diamond is a kinder and more sustainable form of diamond in comparison to a natural diamond. By avoiding excavating and mining, it not only benefits the planet and miners associated with this industry but also makes you feel proud for embracing the change with your purchase.

Unstoppable like a Woman, Tough like a Diamond

A diamond purchased with Jewelbox symbolises a woman's strength and endurance. After going through a long and rigorous process of creation, a lab-grown diamond is manufactured to illuminate our lives forever. When you purchase a lab-grown diamond, you embark on a personal journey that is both meaningful and eternal. Let it shine bright and create a rainbow of happiness, love, and light in your life. Discover the beauty of this journey with Jewelbox. Because we believe that you deserve nothing less.

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