5 Trending Jewellery Trends For 2023 Beyond 1420x680 1

5 Trending Jewellery Trends For 2023 & Beyond

Jewellery trends are constantly evolving, with new styles and designs popping up every season. This year is no exception, with a range of exciting new jewellery trends that are taking the fashion world by storm. From stackables to big and chunky pieces, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here are the five trending jewellery trends […]

Why Are Millennials Choosing Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery 1420x680 1

Why Are Millennials Choosing Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery

Are you tired of the same old diamond jewellery options that come with a hefty price tag and a questionable ethical background? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to traditionally mined diamonds and hello to lab-grown diamonds! As a generation that values conscious consumerism and personal expression, it’s no wonder why millennials are leading the […]

5 Tips for Buying Diamond Jewellery Online 1420x680 1

5 Tips for Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

Looking out for a little sparkle to add to your monotonous life? You’re in the market for some diamond jewellery but don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch? Well, lucky for you, buying diamond jewellery online has never been easier! But before you click that “Add to Cart” button, you must make sure […]

10 Unique Diamond Cuts You Must Know 1420x680 1

10 Unique Diamond Cuts You Must Know!

Diamonds are forever and their beauty has captivated the world for centuries. With their sparkling brilliance and intricate designs, they have become a symbol of love, commitment, and luxury. While the classic round brilliant cut diamond remains the most popular choice, there are many other unique diamond cuts that are equally stunning and impressive. In […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Lab grown Diamonds 1420x680 1

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Lab-grown Diamonds

Are you ready to discover a new way to shine bright like a diamond without breaking the bank? Lab-grown diamonds are the sparkling new stars in the world of jewellery that are captivating shoppers and industry experts alike. But what exactly are they, and why are so many couples choosing them for their engagement and […]

10 Proven Tips To Safeguard Your Jewellerys Longevity 1420x680 1

10 Proven Tips To Safeguard Your Jewellery’s Longevity

Jewellery is a beautiful and timeless accessory that can make anyone look and feel great. Whether you have inherited a precious family heirloom or you have invested in a beautiful piece of jewellery, it is important to take care of it properly. Proper care and maintenance can help you preserve the beauty and longevity of […]

Rarest Diamonds Of The World 1420x680 1

Top 5 Rarest Diamonds Of The World

Who doesn’t love diamonds? They are the epitome of luxury and glamour, and we all dream of owning one (or two!). But did you know that some diamonds are so rare that only a handful of people in the world can claim ownership of them? Yes, you read that right! In this blog, we’re going […]


10 Facts About Diamonds You Had No Idea About!

The bigger the diamond, the deeper the feelings! It is widely believed that diamonds serve as a symbol of love and commitment. If you’re curious to learn more about these precious gemstones, continue reading for additional facts that may surprise you. We recommend keeping an eye out for fact number 10 – it is particularly […]