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5 vital factors to consider before buying lab grown diamonds
lab grown diamonds

5 Vital Factors to Consider Before Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

Want to buy beautiful yet affordable diamond jewellery for your sweetheart or gift your mom on her birthday? Is it a gorgeous diamond necklace, bracelet or earring that you’re eager to buy for yourself? Well, let us tell you that diamonds which are currently manufactured in laboratories can be classy fashionable accessories for you to purchase without spending exorbitant amounts. But there are certain points you must keep in mind before buying these scientifically developed diamonds that retain the desired dazzle you modern fashionistas wish for. Keep scrolling to know more!

Jewel Box brings to the spotlight jaw-dropping fashion jewellery online for you to buy diamond necklace, elegant earrings, boho-chic bracelets and other iconic lab-diamond jewellery pieces exuding charm and sophistication.

Do your research

Looking for pocket-friendly diamonds with irresistible visual appeal? Then, you must know about the evolution of lab-grown diamonds and what makes these uniquely processed high-tech gems so wow-worthy. It’s essential for you to have an in-depth knowledge about the expected quality of such diamonds. You must keep an eye on the trending designs and colours to confidently buy this charming jewellery that’s much cheaper than natural diamonds.

Know about the 4 C’s

Any guesses as to what these 4 C’s are all about? Before you purchase lab-curated diamond jewellery, make sure to know about the 4 C’s which include Carat, Clarity, Cut and Colour so that you can make an informed buying decision. As carat is closely linked with the weight of the diamond, it plays a pivotal role in choosing man-made diamonds. You must remember the more the weight, higher is the carat of the diamond. In terms of clarity, the most flawless statement pieces are the most expensive ones. Do you know that the cut of the diamond reflects the shine of this precious stone? You must keep in mind that a well-cut lab diamond possesses strategic cuts to enhance its reflection of light. And finally, when it comes to colour, these lab diamonds can be colourless and you also get to choose different colours. Colourless lab diamonds are more expensive owing to its one-of-a-kind aesthetic appeal.

Assess jewellery pattern

Similar to natural diamonds, man-made diamonds also come in various shapes and sizes. So, you must scrutinize the distinct jewellery designs to ensure that it suits you and complements your personality. Whether it’s a ravishing diamond necklace, bangle, earring or any other jewellery piece, you should check size and design so that it fits you properly and adds that ‘wow’ factor to your overall look.

Focus on the return, exchange and buyback policies

To make your online lab-diamond shopping experience delightful and secure, go through the return, exchange and buyback policies carefully. A trusted online store like Jewel Box that values its customers makes sure to provide customer-friendly policies spelling out clearly the terms and conditions, clauses so that the customers get the right guidance and adequate post-purchase support in case of any problems faced.

Confirm diamond certification

Before you pay the final bill, do compare the separate gemstones and check certificates of the various lab-grown diamonds to ensure their authenticity. Select a GIA or IGI certified lab diamond and settle for nothing less.

Considering these factors, you can check out the engineered diamond jewellery collection of Jewel Box to buy diamond pendant online, fashionable bangles, rings and other captivating lab-grown diamond jewellery to deck yourself up with extra bling for a sizzling style quotient.

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