Top 10 Accessories To Nail The Festive Look

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As the nights become longer, houses are illuminated with lights, and the streets get more crowded, a cosy festive feeling fills the air. We at Jewelbox love the festive spirit the last few months of the year bring. This is the most magical time of the year as we spend time with loved ones, look our best in festive outfits, and gorge on delicious food!

An outfit for the festivities isn’t complete without the perfect accessory, and what better than diamonds? Let us give you the best bling fix this festive season. Take a look at our specially curated picks that will make you dazzle at any Diwali party, wedding or celebration! Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, a special treat for yourself, or just some festive shopping to up the glamour quotient, we’ve got it all.

Are you ready to have all eyes on you? Check out our top ten picks for the festive season!

1) Metamorphosis Diamond Ring

Metamorphosis Diamond Ring


With its stunning design and 3 beautiful colours on offer, this butterfly diamond ring is sure to add a touch of uniqueness to every ensemble you put together!

2) Evergreen Diamond Bracelet

Evergreen Diamond Bracelet

This bracelet will add the perfect amount of bling to your colourful outfits during the festivities. PS: It will also make for a very memorable Diwali gift for your lady love! 

3) Scintillating Beauty Diamond Danglers 

Scintillating Beauty Diamond Danglers

Jaw droppingly gorgeous, these lab grown diamond danglers are ready to wow the crowds! This shining pair will instantly brighten up any look you pick. An instant hit, we say!

4) Diamond Studded Hoops

Diamond Studded Hoops

When in doubt, hoop it! With this elegant pair of hoops, your glamour will skyrocket throughout the festive season! Don’t wait around to shop these beauties!

5) 50 Cent Solitaire in Cushion Diamond Studs

50 Cent Solitaire in Cushion Diamond Studs

When you want a hassle-free, easy-going look, these gorgeous studs are a perfect choice. They are sure to stand out whether you are playing hostess or going for a cosy cards night! 

6) Elixir Droplet Diamond Pendant

Elixir Droplet Diamond Pendant

This dainty pendant will add an instant touch of elegance to your look. It is beautifully designed and comes in a variety of colours. Take your pick!

7) Starlight Nosepin

Starlight Nosepin

Just fitting for the star that you are! Adding this unique nose pin to your look is sure to steal hearts. We guarantee it!

8) Eternal Love Chain Bracelet

Eternal Love Chain Bracelet

An eternal favourite of ours! The ‘must-have’ accessory for the festive season – it’s sure to have your loved one rejoicing with joy!

9) Graceful Illusion Diamond Pendant

Graceful Illusion Diamond Pendant

Sometimes a graceful and timeless design fits the bill perfectly. You will grow to cherish this unique illusion pendant in no time!

10) 50 Cent Men’s Single Diamond Stud

50 Cent Men’s Single Diamond Stud

Last but not the least, this one is a glorious pick for the men out there. This singular diamond stud will sparkle and shine at every party & celebration!

This festive season, choose from our favourites and more on our website. With festivities back with a bang after nearly three years of covid-induced lockdowns, we are ready to make this season one to remember with our loved ones. 

Adorn our gorgeous lab grown diamond jewellery and make it a cherished season of celebrations that you will remember for a long time! Team Jewelbox wishes you a joyous and memorable festive season!

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