Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy an Eternity Ring


Eternity rings mark the celebration of love. We vouch to wrap a special bond in our life with celebration of pure love that will last for a lifetime. When you flaunt a diamond eternity ring on the finger of your choice and wear it daily, it speaks volumes about the bond that you hold so close to your heart.

The circle of diamonds that form a ring in a cluster (eternity ring) is known by many names like eternity band, infinity ring, diamond wedding ring, full diamond band, etc. 

Eternity rings are synonymous with eternal love. It spells out the promise of lifelong commitment for a couple while walking through the various phases of life. Marking different moments and journeys of eternal love, an eternity band is gifted to a partner on special wedding anniversaries like first year, completion of fifth year, tenth year or when a couple thinks it fit to do so. 

An eternity band commemorates the precious bond that a couple shares. A partner can receive an infinity ring as a special gift marking the birth of a child

Welcoming the bundle of joy in a family calls for rejoice and the happiness gets doubled up between a couple with the eternity band acting as the perfect gift and catalyst behind awesome celebration. 

Why Do You Need to Act Smart When Buying an Eternity Ring?

Unlike engagement rings which usually come with a stunning diamond usually placed at the centre or weaved a bit intricately, eternity rings have small diamonds arranged in a wreath and weaved in a circle.

The catch is when you stop by a top-rated online retail jewellery store, you do not have to worry about the GIA grading report of all the small diamonds that form a part of the eternity band as you know you are in safe hands. If you are not wise with your online buying decision or stop by an e-store that does not pronounce trust but its product inventory screams “very affordable”- think before you jump in! 

Which Finger and What Order Should You Follow to Wear an Eternity Ring?

Well, there are no compulsions that you will have to wear an eternity ring on a specific finger; you can go as you like. However, if you are looking for some guidance then you can wear one on the third finger of your left hand.

Ouch! Are you wearing your engagement ring or wedding band already out there? Then just choose the same finger but your other hand instead and get ready to flaunt your love! 

If you have a preference for sporting your wedding band, engagement ring and eternity ring on the same finger – then plan a little about the order of placing them, otherwise it will look cumbersome. You need to consider wisely as to how you should place the rings in order. 

You can either place the eternity ring between the wedding band and the engagement ring. You can go the other way round and put the eternity on top with the wedding band placed closed followed by the engagement ring. If your fashion tastes and choices speak minimalism, then choose the ring finger of your left hand as the perfect place for the eternity ring to nestle sweetly! 

Which Eternity Ring to Choose – Half, Full Or Three-Quarter Ones? 

The unbroken circle of diamonds in an eternity ring symbolizing never-ending love can be picked in full size, half and three-quarter design. It is the sole decision of a couple as to which ring design they want to go for. 

Resizing an eternity ring gets difficult if finger size differs in future and this is one of the limitations with eternity bands

For this reason, couples choose to buy a three quarter or half eternity ring, where diamonds are placed halfway around the finger. The metal at the back of these half eternity diamond rings allows room for sizing. 

The flexibility offered in the ring designs also ensures that an eternity band can be passed down to a family member acting as a kind of heirloom. A variable finger size does not act as a hindrance in this case. 

How to Go About Choosing the Style?

To begin with, just decide whether you want the eternity ring to be flashy or minimalistic.

  • If you want the diamonds to glisten around the entire band, then a full eternity ring is the best bet for you 
  • If you want to make wearing the eternity ring a practical option for day-to-day wear- pick a lightweight, half eternity ring designed eye-grabbingly 
  • Go quirky or sassy with a three-quarter eternity ring making this stunning piece more affordable!

What are the Best Metal Choices for Eternity Rings?

  • Platinum is the most luxurious and regal choice when it comes to choosing the metal base of an eternity ring. The high purity quotient of platinum, the durability factor and the classy luster makes platinum a viable option for choosing platinum eternity rings. 
  • It is always advisable to go for gold which is durable and has the posh appeal to it. You can go for yellow gold, white gold, rose gold so that your fashion game is always at the top. The synchronization with the other rings on your hand and the eternity ring must not be jarring to the eyes. Gold rings (no matter which colour you choose) will not make you regret your buying decision! 
  • If you have set your eyes on silvery-white finish of platinum but do not want to spend a fortune, then try a Palladium eternity ring which will amplify the natural beauty of the diamonds. 

Eternity Rings with Lab-Grown Diamonds: Selling Like Hot Cakes! 

Lab-grown diamonds are rising in popularity. The eternity rings with the stunning lab-grown diamonds crafted neatly to perfection are a craze among the couples. From being sustainable, ethically sourced to exhibiting stunning designs, the eternity rings adorned with lab diamonds are the top choice of modern-day couples who love to explore, spend less but add that touch of glamour while professing undying love for each other.

If you want to choose from a wide variety of eternity rings decked up with lab-diamonds of different cents, head straight to Jewelbox! We promise to make your love immortal with our unique selection of elegant eternity rings. 

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