Why You Too Should Own a Lab-Grown Diamond!

It is no secret that diamonds are stunning, shiny and.. *drumroll* very pricey. The cost of diamonds can startle anyone who isn’t part of the marginal top tier of society, making them reconsider purchasing those earrings they’ve been eyeing for days.

Nearly 70 years ago, arrived a solution that is gaining popularity today. It not only benefits the environment and the workers associated with this industry but also comes at a bargain price. Presenting to you- Lab-grown Diamonds!

With the multitude of information out there on the Internet, it’s hard to ignore the pros of owning a lab-grown diamond over a natural diamond. Here are some of the reasons why you too should make a financially and ecologically smarter choice today.

Approved by Millennials

Studies have consistently shown that as a Consumer Group, Millennials are deeply concerned with the choices they make and how it impacts the planet, society and those around them. Nearly 70% of the savvy population prefer purchasing lab-grown diamonds since they are both affordable and sustainable. Oh, and the good news, you can’t tell them apart from natural diamonds! The popularity and meteoric rise of lab-grown diamonds vouch for this fact.

Pocket Pinch

Have you ever wanted to pamper yourself by purchasing a charming diamond bracelet or propose to your lady love, only to discover the skyrocketing costs of diamonds? This is when lab-grown diamonds come into the picture and defines lab-diamonds popularity among the youth. With a marginal difference of nearly 75% in costs, purchasing these diamonds is the cost-effective move to make for your wallet!

If it’s good for the Duchess, it’s good for you!

In 2019, Meghan Markle stepped out in London wearing a gorgeous pair of lab-grown diamond earrings. The Antwerp based lab-grown diamond company Kimaï, informed sources that it took only 5 days to create the product. Isn’t that simply incredible?

Additionally to the Duchess, countless other celebrities including Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna are now opting for lab-grown diamonds. It’s all the rage in Europe too, as multiple jewellery designers are partnering with lab-grown diamond manufacturers.

Lab Diamond

Image Source: Pexel

All That Glitters…is not Gold

According to GlobalNewswire, ‘Diamonds made in labs are generally of better quality than natural diamonds as they are made in controlled environments with constant monitoring and quality control’.

Lab-grown diamonds are not only better quality but also constitute a guilt-free composition while being more affordable. Pandora, a leading jewellery chain worldwide too has switched from natural diamonds to lab-grown diamonds. Surely we can agree, that is one easy decision to make!

Love Thy Planet!

There has been ambiguity surrounding the working conditions of diamond miners and the environmental damage diamond mining causes for years. Therefore, lab-grown diamonds are an ethical alternative to naturally mined diamonds. More and more people are opting for lab-grown diamonds, and the industry is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years.

So what are you waiting for? Take part in the revolution and purchase the lab-grown diamond of your dreams!