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Best Trousseau Jewellery
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Best Trousseau Jewellery Picks by Jewelbox

We can all relate to the feeling of excitement when a close friend or sister gets married. The household is filled with joy and happiness, and the scent of marigolds fills the air. Friends and family are gushing with merriment and preparing excitedly for the big day.

One of the most memorable parts of a wedding is the wedding preparations. What is the most exciting part, you ask? Getting the bridal trousseau ready, of course!

Stunning clothes, exquisite diamond jewellery, your favourite knick-knacks along with a lot of love are poured into making it a super special experience. At Jewelbox, we understand the need to get it just right! To make it easy for you, we have rounded up our top picks for your bridal trousseau, which will surely seal the deal in the most memorable way! 

Curated Especially For You By Jewelbox

1. Full Bloom Diamond Pendant

This statement necklace is going to make the perfect accessory to your bridal glow! 🙂

2. Dahliya on Mesh Cocktail Ring

Last minute invite? Fret not! Just put on this gorgeous ring and glamourise your look in seconds! 

3. Twinkling Twirls Diamond Earrings

Hosting the first party as newlyweds? This pair of earrings will ensure you stand out in the crowd! 

4. Dewy Shamrock Diamond Bracelet


As the newest bride on the block, you’re sure to get all the attention with this gorgeous bracelet!

5. 4 Cent Elegant Diamond Nose Ring

This beautiful nose ring will be perfect for all the traditional ceremonies taking place at the new abode

6. Sunflower Diamond Studs

Wear these earrings when you are casually going about your day but still want to look radiant like a sunflower! 

7. Swirling Harmony Diamond Band

Available in three gorgeous colours, this band is the perfect symbol of your infinite love!

8. Union of Hearts Diamond Pendant

Attending your bestie’s wedding with your partner? Be sure to keep this beauty handy! 

As you prepare for all the events that lie ahead, your favourite diamond jewellery will be your most cherished companion. Experience a sense of love and nostalgia each time you pick up one of your most loved diamond jewellery pieces.

These beauties combined with your fresh bridal glow are sure to make you look stunning! Jewelbox wishes you all the happiness during this brand-new chapter of your life! Come and shop for this super special occasion with us because diamonds are for everyone.

Author: sesoumo

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