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We understand the significance of your wedding day and the
emotions tied to your wedding jewellery. Choose from our exquisite
wedding collection or get your wedding jewellery personalised to reflect your style and beliefs.


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Jewelbox’s Lab Grown Diamond jewellery is eternal - it stands the test of time. Its sparkle and brilliance lasts forever so you can confidently make them a part of your heirloom jewellery and pass on the legacy.

At the same time, our jewellery delivers unparalleled value without compromising on the quality. This allows the couples and their families to allocate their budget more flexibly, potentially investing in other aspects of wedding or future plans.

Every piece of jewellery sold by Jewelbox is crafted with utmost care and expertise. Our jewellery is certified and hallmarked to ensure that you get only what you are promised.

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Diamonds are a symbol of grace, beauty and timelessness. Make Wedding Gifting a delightful experience with our diamond jewellery. Be it gifts to the bride and groom or to wedding guests, leave a lasting impression by choosing Jewelbox.

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