Complete Guide to Choose Pendants & Necklaces

Complete Guide to Choose Pendants & Necklaces

Choosing the right necklace speaks volumes on behalf of your personality; it often conveys more than words or your attire ever could. Striking that elusive balance between your individuality, fashion sense, current trends, and your outfit is truly a treasure hunt to find in this world of countless options.

In Indian culture, pendants and necklaces have always been storytellers, closely intertwined with our culture, religion, and personal style since time immemorial. 

However, the 21st century has seen a shift, with women reserving their heirloom pieces for special occasions and opting for more delicate necklace and pendant sets. Lab grown diamond pendant paired with a gold necklace has been a go-to choice for millennial and Gen Z women.

In this blog, we’ll explore the basics, look at different necklines and pendant styles, and guide you in finding the perfect match for your personality.

Top 10 Pendant Picks

You can wear any of these necklaces with or without a pendant. But;If you are new to lab grown diamond jewellery, try starting with a simple gold, silver, or platinum chain and embracing minimalist style with one of these stunning sustainable diamond pendants

  • Hanging Solitaire Diamond Pendant

The term “solitaire” refers to a single gemstone standing alone in its glory. This round-shaped, square-based hanging solitaire pendant is your ideal companion for exuding grace, whether you’re in a 9-to-5 job or at college. Pair this classic square-shaped diamond with a boxy shirt or a Lucknowi kurti; it will make a statement even with the simplest of outfits.

  • Oh So Lovely 1 Carat Solitaire Pendant

This round, perfectly fitted pendant with a four-clawed solitaire pays homage to a contemporary and minimalist design. Its lightweight build and dazzling shine make it a perfect choice for everyday wear, special occasions, or elevating your date night look.

  • Forever Valentine Diamond Pendant

If you’re looking for an affordable yet heartfelt Valentine’s gift, this pendant is an excellent choice. With its half heart shape adorned by 11 glistening diamonds, it offers a unique and charming appearance that’s sure to bring a special smile to your loved one’s face.

  • Brightest Star Diamond Pendant

If you prefer lighter jewelry, this pendant, featuring a perfect blend of gold and a center diamond, is the classic choice. It hits the right chord between elegance and simplicity, making it the perfect choice for various occasions.

  • Infinity Diamond Pendant

The Infinity Diamond Pendant isn’t merely a symbolic guardian; it’s also a versatile accessory. This pendant not only enhances the glamour of your V-neck jumpsuit during a girls’ trip but also seamlessly complements your ethnic wear for festivals or family celebrations.

  • Ornamental Gleam Diamond Pendant

This intricate yet delicate pendant effortlessly blends contemporary style with ethnic details reminiscent of henna patterns. The three leaves on the central element resemble a kalagi on a peacock, giving the pendant a regal touch. It’s like your pendant has its own crown. This pendant is your go-to choice when you want to pull off an eccentric look.

  • Heart Diamond Pendant

Every girl of any age should have a tiny heart pendant, not just as a reminder for a special loved one, but also to signify that her heart is precious. Wearing this sustainable diamond heart pendant resonates with conscious living, blending seamlessly with your personality.

  • Corporate Confidence Diamond Pendant

This pendant exudes sophistication with its unique design, resembling two parallel swirls—one crafted from shimmering diamonds and the other from elegant rose gold. It connects with your personality: on one hand, you are epitome of independence and confidence, and on the other hand, you appreciate being spoiled and treated like a queen. The pendant captures the essence of this duality and is a perfect reflection of your wonderful identity.

  • Sleek Glamour Diamond Pendant

Crafted in the form of a leaf, where a strand of diamonds gracefully meets with gold, and in the center, a tiny leaflet adds a touch of elegance. The versatility of this pendant is paramount, effortlessly complementing your basic t-shirt for a casual outing, while also adding a touch of glamour to your cocktail party look paired with a silky gown.

  • Fabulous Fringes Diamond Pendant

The Fabulous Fringes Diamond Pendant showcases three petal-like golden elements, with two diamonds nestled elegantly in the center. This design speaks volumes about the balance of elegance and confidence within you. The pendant beautifully captures the essence of your personality, reflecting both your sophisticated and confident sides


Jewellery is always a form of self-expression and personal style that has evolved for centuries. No two decades had the same style. The 2020s are all about minimalism and a “less is more” kind of vibe with millennials and Gen Z, so they are wearing classy, chic, yet comfortable pendants and necklaces that have become a style statement.

If you are looking to invest in sustainable jewellery, head to JewelBox, as they are not only your guilt-free way to pamper yourself or a loved one, but they have stunning designs at affordable rates that you won’t be able to resist.

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