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Diamonds Are For Everyone

Diamonds are For Everyone and We Swear It is True!

Diamonds? Oh No! It is too expensive! This is one of the most common expressions that we often come up with when planning to buy diamonds. We often postpone our desires or bottle up our feelings and take care of the immediate needs that require our attention without acting indulgent.

It’s time to come out of this notion that you have to go bankrupt after buying diamonds, as the affordable lab-grown diamonds are here to take away your breath. These are identical to natural diamonds but are cost-effective. Man-made diamonds are created by duplicating the earth’s natural process of growing diamonds in scientific labs. These diamonds have similar properties as the natural ones but are way more sustainable as they do not affect mother earth! Lab-made diamonds naturally do not undergo the mining process, making the production costs lesser. It is 60-70% less expensive than the naturally mined ones.

Now the question is if the price is so low, are lab diamonds original? Yes absolutely! The only difference is that these are processed inside labs via the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. Technology has enabled the production process to be less costly. Lab-grown diamonds are specifically for those customers who are conscious of the environment and want to procure ethically-sourced jewellery pieces. The buyers with less spending power and the millennials who don’t want to spend a hefty amount in buying diamonds are handsomely going for the best available alternative in the market- the lab diamonds!

Imagine getting the same clarity, colour, cut, and carat at 60-70% of the price of natural diamonds? Yes, you heard that right! Without spending much of your hard-earned money, you can up the beauty game and step out in style wearing the jewellery of your choice. Technology has made diamonds affordable for anyone and everyone out there! Whether it is pampering yourself with a beautiful set of diamonds or gifting your beloved with affordable lab-grown diamond rings, you can bid adieu to your budget woes! Jewel Box is here to make your purchase worthwhile with its exquisite collection of lab-grown diamond jewellery pieces. Check out the stunning collection and buy today!

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