Lab Grown Diamonds – History, Present and Future

Lab Grown Diamonds History Present and Future

Diamonds are among the most prized possessions of a person. It is special to us and we hope we will be able to pass it on to our children one day. With Jewelbox, diamonds are no longer out of reach. With the advent of lab-grown diamonds, diamonds are for everyone.

These days, lab-grown diamonds are exactly like mined diamonds, except that they are created in a lab rather than mined. The properties of both are identical, which is what makes discovering man-made diamonds such a delight. Discover how the lab diamond industry came to be and where it stands today.

History of Lab Grown Diamonds

Scientists discovered diamonds are composed of pure carbon in the late 17th century. Following this, scientists carried out multiple experiments to create a man-made diamond. The first man-made diamonds were created by GE (General Electric) in 1954. 

In the first set of lab-grown diamonds produced by GE, high-pressure methods (HPHT) were used, which were expensive and not sustainable. After the first batch was created, the processes were fine-tuned for decades. In the beginning, lab-grown diamonds were inferior to mined diamonds because they turned yellow and lacked colour and clarity.

However, many countries, including the USA, Russia and China, continued to experiment in this field until they achieved their desired results. In the end, they were able to manufacture diamonds with such exquisite precision that they exceeded the quality of mined diamonds. The lab-grown diamond market was born at this time.

Today, most lab-grown diamonds are made using a process called chemical vapour deposition (CVD). By heating diamond seeds with carbon gas in a chamber, a much larger diamond is formed. With this process, precise diamonds can be manufactured at a lower cost than the original GE diamonds.

Diamonds that have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds. Everlasting diamonds that are as hard and durable as natural diamonds. Magical, isn’t it?

Today, the lab-grown diamond industry is growing exponentially. Because of the cost benefits and the ecologically friendly nature of lab-grown diamonds, millennials are more inclined to buy them. Additionally, these diamonds are made to last a lifetime. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! 

Present Scenario

With many celebrities and big brand houses adopting lab grown diamonds, these new generation diamonds have become quite a rage in the present world. Gen Z and Millennials are welcoming the change because they are more frugal and practical with their spends.

In addition, a lot of environmentally conscious people are leading this change for the environmental benefits of lab diamonds. Over the recent years, many organised players have entered the space to make this wonder commodity marketable. In India, 4-5 organised players have entered the market of which Jewelbox is the only player in East India.

With Jewelbox, Diamonds are for everyone. We believe every individual has the right to adorn themselves with stunning diamond jewellery which will make them and their loved ones feel on top of the world. We ensure that people receive what they seek when they make a purchase with us.

Our range offers timeless diamond jewellery at affordable prices. With savings up to 70% on diamond purchases, it is impossible to resist our range of jewellery. Join the revolution today and be a proud owner of a lab-grown diamond! 

Why Lab-grown Diamonds are the Future of the Diamond Industry

Investing in lab-grown diamonds has exploded in popularity in recent years. Alternatives have become not merely a choice, but preferred as a result of environmental and ethical concerns, as well as technological advancements. It’s incredible that such a small item can be worth investing in!

In addition to providing numerous benefits for your pocket, lab-grown diamonds are also beneficial for the environment in multiple ways. Let us explore some of the reasons why lab-grown diamonds are the future of the diamond industry. 

  • Land Disruption

Lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in the lab under safe conditions whereas natural diamonds are excavated from mines across the world. Besides being dangerous for the miners, this practice is also extremely harmful to the environment and the land that is being excavated. We can switch to lab-grown diamonds while benefiting the environment.

  • Water Usage

A mined diamond consumes 126 gallons of water per carat, while synthetic diamonds consume just 18 gallons. Laboratory-grown diamonds consume considerably less water than natural diamonds during the production process. Water scarcity is one of the key concerns facing the environment today, and selecting a lab-grown diamond can help us contribute to the cause of conservation.

  • Water Contamination

Large reservoirs of water get contaminated in the process of mining diamonds. They negatively affect the waterways and river beds in the process and are extremely detrimental to the water system of developing nations. This is where most of the diamonds across the globe are mined.  By choosing a lab-grown diamond, we can help eliminate the processes required to mine a natural diamond.

  • Carbon Footprint

‘While a traditionally mined diamond produces more than 125 pounds of carbon for every single carat, grown diamonds emit just 6 pounds of carbon – a mere 4.8 per cent of what mined diamonds produce’ . This makes it a clear and easy choice between mined diamonds vs lab-grown diamonds.

  • Health & Safety

The safety and health of the miners involved in the natural diamond business is also a very important factor. To mine diamonds, they are subjected to dangerous and difficult conditions. Lab-grown diamonds provide a host of benefits, not just for the environment, but also for those associated with this industry.

Clearly, this is an industry that is here to stay! In the coming years, this revolution will only continue to grow as more and more people realise the benefits of purchasing lab-grown diamonds. It’s time to look glamorous while embracing this change!

It’s time to undergo the revolution and adopt lab-grown diamonds! At Jewelbox, we are excited to embark on this journey with you. Explore our range of rings, bracelets, pendant, earrings, necklaces and pamper yourself with sustainable and affordable indulgence.

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