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Lab-Grown Diamonds-Top 3 questions answered
lab grown diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Top 3 Questions Answered!

Gone are the days when jewellery was considered as treasured assets and an investment. With changing times, jewellery buying preferences of customers has shifted more towards minimalism and affordable alternatives. Diamond jewellery has always nestled in the hearts of jewellery lovers and when the fairly new kid on the block (read lab-grown diamonds) is making heads turn, can you be far behind from knowing more about man-made diamonds? Let’s roll our eyes over the 3 most common questions that pop up in your mind when we talk about lab-grown diamonds.

Are lab-grown diamonds real?

You must get it clear that man-made diamonds are real, just not natural. The lab-grown diamonds are NOT naturally sourced. They are formed under extreme pressure and heat using cutting-edge technology imitating the method of natural diamond formation.These are real diamonds that look and feel the same as naturally mined ones and only deep scrutiny of advanced gemologists can bring out the difference. To put it simply, you can consider man-made diamonds as test-tube babies- irrespective of how a baby is born, the bundle of joy brings on your face the same amount of happiness. So whether a diamond is made in a lab or not, diamonds remain diamonds!

Do lab-grown diamonds look and feel like real diamonds?

Man-made diamonds are equipped with the same chemical, physical and optical properties like naturally sourced ones and they look and feel real. The lab-grown or engineered diamonds are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours. You can swear by man-made diamonds from a reliable online store like Jewelbox to buy jewellery online.

Why are lab-grown diamonds becoming so popular?

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming a huge hit among jewellery lovers. There are several reasons as to why man-made diamonds are scaling the popularity chart. Since these engineered pieces are lab-made, the socially responsible millennials vouching for giving back to Mother Nature give a steady nod to the lab-made diamond. Options are plenty in terms of colours and sizes when you are choosing man-made diamonds. The affordability factor of the lab-grown diamonds makes them easily purchasable and diamond lovers can flaunt an enviable collection without making their wallets cry.

If you are all set to try out these lab-made diamonds, then check out the amazing collection at Jewelbox, the coveted online store pampering you with scores of options when you choose to buy online earrings, diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, or any jewellery piece that tickles your fancy.

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