Why Are People Talking About Lab Grown Diamonds?

Why Are People Talking About Lab Grown Diamonds?

Whether you’ve stumbled upon an Instagram ad for lab-grown diamonds or heard about them from a friend, your fingers are now swiftly typing away, seeking answers about what lab-grown diamonds are and why people are talking about them. The hype around lab-grown diamonds isn’t just a bubble, the world has drawn closer to accepting cruelty-free, affordable luxury. 

Lab-grown diamonds are created safely in labs using cutting-edge technology. In a matter of weeks, what takes millions of years and immense pressure inside the earth’s crust is replicated in the controlled environment of a lab.

This phenomenon has taken the world by storm for all the right reasons. Let’s discuss the curious case of lab-grown diamonds and explore the aspects that make them so popular.

Despite the fact that the first lab-grown diamond was developed in 1954, the hype around this ethical concept of diamonds has only reached India in the last five years. With the emergence of several factors, lab-grown diamonds have become darlings. Here’s why –

Affordable Brilliance

Lab grown diamonds cost 60-90% less than natural diamonds. It doesn’t matter if you propose to your fiancée with a diamond ring worth a few lakhs or a few thousands, what truly counts is solidifying the lifelong commitment with a precious diamond without the worry of paying EMIs or spending a fortune all at once. 

The diamond-buying trend has also shifted in the past decade, with women now purchasing their own diamonds and gifting them to their loved ones, be it mothers, sisters, or friends. These empowered women take pleasure in making conscious choices, avoiding spending a fortune on a ring yet ensuring it has the same sparkle. Men are also choosing lab grown diamond rings for their loved ones and taking a step closer to financial and environmental responsibility.  

Celeb-Approved Elegance

Celebrities wield significant influence across various aspects of Hollywood life. This is evident when the clothes they wear go viral and quickly sell out, or when the smoothies they feature in interviews become sensations. Their impact extends from fashion to food and even to the world of jewellery. The same holds true for LGD, as celebrities openly advocate for ethical choices.

A devoted fan base follows suit. A-list celebrities such as Rihanna, Emma Watson, Camila Mendes, and Zoë Kravitz make a powerful statement by adorning these cruelty-free gemstones at afterparties, weddings, and award shows. By prioritizing ethical and affordable choices, they are igniting a significant trend.

Sparkling Support from the Government

The government has not turned its back on the wave of LBD and has begun supporting lab-grown diamonds. Initiatives include allocating 242 crore to IIT Madras for five years of research, aiming to reduce dependency on imported machinery and seeds.

Given the high cost of importing HTPT machines, India is keen on indigenizing lab-grown diamond manufacturing by developing its own machinery using this technology. Gujarat has also provided generous support by waiving 100% electricity costs for lab-grown diamond facilities.

Guilt-Free Glamour in Every Carat

Mined diamonds, though perfectly imperfect and valued for their rarity, come at the cost of exploiting mine workers and depleting Earth’s precious resources. Consumers are increasingly turning towards guilt-free, sustainable options acquired through ethical practices, such as lab-grown diamonds. So that when they wear their beloved jewels, the shine of the diamond reflects pure beauty without the weight of guilt.

As Pure as Mined Diamonds

While some people live under the myth that synthetic lab-grown diamonds are not as real or authentic as mined diamonds, the reality is quite the opposite. Across all mined diamonds, very few hold a factor of purity—only 2 or 3% are as pure as rated IIA.

In contrast, all lab-grown diamonds are certified by reputable organizations, meeting the highest standards of purity as IIA. Additionally, the 4 Cs—carat, clarity, cut, and color—are at par, and sometimes even superior, in lab-grown diamonds.

Rise in the Export of LGD

India, being the largest hub for polished diamonds, plays a central role in manufacturing LGD as it possesses the necessary infrastructure and manpower, making it the largest manufacturer in terms of the CVD method. 

Astonishingly, LGD exports have surged from 8700 crores to a whopping 12500 crores, as reported by GJEPC. This growth serves as a silver lining after a series of adverse developments in mined diamonds.

The Bottom Line

After unraveling the mysteries of lab-grown diamonds, you must be eager to own one of these exquisite and guilt-free pieces of jewellery. Well, you’re at the right destination in east India. Jewelbox stands as the largest hub for lab-grown products, offering everything from pendants, solitaire rings, bracelets, and necklaces. We are your one-stop destination for all your affordable diamond needs. Explore our stores or order online to script the chapters of your star-studded story.

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