Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

A day which will go down as one of the most significant memories of a lifetime. One that you will cherish with your partner for eternity and share with your children someday. Oh, what a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? 

We know the significance of an engagement ring—a ring unlike any other, one that promises companionship, infinite love and togetherness. Indeed this decision is such that one doesn’t take it lightly.

You need to take time to choose the most suitable ring for your loved one before making a decision. Choosing a ring that enhances her individuality and lets her shine in the crowd is crucial!

Confused? Don’t fret! For all you gentlemen getting ready to bend the knee, we have the perfect solution! You can choose from our list of rings and surprise your loved one with the most memorable ring ever! At Jewelbox, we have curated a list of rings that are just right for your lady love.

Classic & Chic Designs

1) 60 Cent Classic Halo Diamond Ring

60 Cent Classic Halo Diamond Ring

There are some things that never go out of style. You and your lady love will absolutely adore this timeless classic piece!

2) Classic Emerald Diamond Ring

Classic Emerald Diamond Ring

Unique, classic and so elegant! This gorgeous ring really does tick all the boxes, don’t you think? 🙂

3) 50 Cent Classic Solitaire Ring

50 Cent Classic Solitaire Ring

You can never go wrong with a classic! With this ring, you can create memories that will last a lifetime. A sure way to impress your loved one!

Fun & Flirty Rings!

1) 1 Carat Halo on Heart Ring

1 Carat Halo on Heart Ring

This heart shape ring is so dainty & feminine, we bet your lady love will want it in all 3 stunning colours it comes in! 

2) Nova Diamond Ring

Nova Diamond Ring

Is it a flower, or is it a bow? Guess we will never know 😉 she is sure to gush with delight with this charmer!

3) 50 Cent Eternal Bond Ring

50 Cent Eternal Bond Ring

Inspired by the ocean, this ring depicts the waves of the sea, endless and eternal, just like your forever love!

Modern-Contemporary Picks

1) Celestial Solitaire Diamond Ring

Celestial Solitaire Diamond Ring

Set in intertwined bands studded with diamonds, this ring is fashionable, expressive and a style statement in its own right. It’s perfect for the stylish lady in your life!

2) 1 Carat Solitaire Shooting Star Ring

1 Carat Solitaire Shooting Star Ring

A shooting star offers solace even on the darkest nights. This ring symbolises a love which can light up your world!

3) 1 Carat Solitaire in Vine Band

1 Carat Solitaire in Vine Band

Infinite love, endless twirls. This ring is designed so beautifully, your lady love won’t want to take it off!

At Jewelbox, we simply love being a part of these momentous occasions. One that will live on in your memories forever. Even the thought of it will bring you and your partner great joy and make you cherish those special days.

Let us accompany you on this beautiful journey by proposing with the diamond of your dreams. Find more options at our website along with the gorgeous pieces listed above. Jewelbox offers options for every budget and style. We have it all! At Jewelbox, diamonds are for everyone.

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