Man-Made Diamonds Vs Natural Diamonds: Things You Must Know!

Man Made Diamonds Vs Natural Diamonds Things You Must Know

Love to wear classy diamond jewellery with your favourite dresses or jazzy outfits for an elegant look? Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, hands down! On that note, let us give you the exciting news and delve a bit deeper into how scientific advancements have made it possible for diamonds to be made in laboratories using cutting-edge technology. Curious to know the difference between natural diamonds and man-made lab-grown diamonds? Here, we shall take a look at the differences between the two so that you can make a smart choice when purchasing diamonds.

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The creation process

Wondering how these two kinds of diamonds are formed? Well, natural diamonds are actually crystallized forms of carbon that are created over a billion years under intense heat and pressure. However, lab-grown diamonds are man-made and manufactured in labs using high-end machines that replicate the heat and pressure conditions under the earth favouring the formation of original diamonds.


You’d be amazed to know that both natural and man-made diamonds have identical physical, chemical and optical properties. The slight differences between the two remain invisible to the naked eye. It would require the intervention of specialized tools and an expert gemologist to gauge the minimal or negligible differences.


Wish to wear beautiful minimal jewellery that doesn’t cost you a fortune but helps you turn heads? Well, we get you covered! The millennials, the new financial powerhouse generation, are less prone to making big investments and look for cost-effective alternatives. The spending habits of this generation show their affinity for buying jewellery that comes easy on the pocket and it inspires their loved ones too to make such purchases. You will be glad to know that magnificent lab-grown diamonds are much cheaper than natural diamonds. This is because lab-grown diamonds don’t have to undergo the costly process of mining the Earth as is the case with natural diamonds. The production cost of these carefully curated man-made glimmering diamonds is much less.


If you are looking for sparkling and eye-grabbing diamonds, you can count on classy lab-grown diamonds which are sustainable and ethical to enhance your fashion game. Natural diamonds are not eco-friendly as mining them produces deplorable effects on the environment. Thus, environmentalists are in support of charming lab-grown diamonds as they allow wearers to look stunning without harming the ecosystem in any way.

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