The Loop of Love Collection- Infinity Edit by Jewelbox

An iconic symbol of everlasting love. Simple yet elegant, the infinity symbol is associated with companionship that transcends time. Scribbled on college notebooks and drawn on wedding invitations, the infinity symbol captures love’s infinite and everlasting spirit.

At Jewelbox, we love the beauty and simplicity of this evergreen design. Inspired by its boundless spirit, we present the ‘Loop of Love Collection’ by Jewelbox. With this stunning collection, you can convey your emotions without ever saying a word. Additionally, it serves as a delightful reminder that our inner strength is limitless and we can achieve anything our heart desires!

Our unique collection includes rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants that incorporate the infinity symbol beautifully. Take your pick! 

Presenting the bespoke Infinity Edit that is guaranteed to steal hearts!

Infinite Love Diamond Bracelet

Its name is true to its beauty! With its infinite heart loop design, this bracelet will make the most romantic gift for your significant other.

Rising Waves Diamond Ring

A ring speckled with diamonds and intertwined forever, just like your love story! This gorgeous ring is a must-have for your jewellery collection.

Loop of Infinity Diamond Pendant

Geometric brilliance! This uniquely designed pendant is so charming, it guarantees compliments each time you put it on 🙂

Infinity Diamond Pendant

The dainty loop of love! This alluring pendant adds a touch of sparkle to your everyday ensemble! 

Loop of Infinity Diamond Drop Earrings

Our absolute favourite! These exquisite earrings catch the light beautifully, making you glow as you adorn them. 

Eternal Love Chain Bracelet

No other piece describes infinite love like this bracelet! Enchanting and elegant, it’s the perfect expression of self-love. 

Eternity Chain Bracelet

Make a statement every day with this super stylish bracelet!  PS: It also makes a wonderful gift for your bestie! 

Reef Knot Diamond Bracelet

Inspired by the ocean, this wave-shaped bracelet is dazzling with diamonds. The perfect accessory choice, we say! 

With this, we hand over this special collection to you. Wear it, own it or gift it to a special someone. The personable collection can be interpreted and worn in any way you desire. At Jewelbox, we truly cherish diamond jewellery that can evoke a thousand emotions within us.

Here’s to everlasting love and companionship! Shop The Loop of Love collection only with Jewelbox. With us, diamonds are for everyone.

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