Things To Know Before Buying Diamonds – The 4Cs of Diamond

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The 4Cs of Diamond Quality – Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat are the gold standard for determining the quality of any diamond, in any part of the globe. The four properties of a diamond are the major constituents that influence its beauty and structure, notwithstanding the difficulty of deciphering one component alone.

Professional jewellers assess and systematically debate these factors. When purchasing a diamond, the proper order to consider is cut, clarity, colour, and then carat. Diamonds are unquestionably the ageless epitome of all that is alluring, exquisite, and amazing!

  • The more accurate the diamond’s cut, the more enthralling it is to look at. As the facets of diamond interact with light, particular precisions are required. The cut is determined by the proportion, symmetry as well as perfect polish of the diamond. Better the cut, better will be the refraction of light.
  • Quality diamonds come in a variety of colours with shades ranging from light yellow (Z) to brown to colourless (D) where colourless diamonds are the most expensive ones. 
  • Diamond clarity is graded from flawless to inclusions ranging up to 3 where flawless is the most expensive one and inclusion 3 is the least. You need to be extra careful if you see a poor colour grade instead of crystal white!
  • The weight of a diamond is expressed in Carat. One carat is roughly 0.20 grams. Even if carat plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of a diamond, it is not the only factor that determines or enhances weight of a diamond. A diamond might appear larger with a lesser carat weight depending on the clarity and cut. Always look for certification before any purchase!

These rare sparkling gems, considered the most desired jewels on Earth, have remained a strong object of desire transcending over ages. If you’re not sure how to analyse a diamond and want to get a great diamond for a reasonable price, then Jewel Box can help you meet your goals. 

The 4Cs of Diamond – Clarity

Want to have a diamond with high-grade clarity? Why wait? Jewel Box’s newest collection of flawless diamond jewelleries would make you go weak on your knees.

The evaluation of minor flaws on the surface and within the stone is known as diamond clarity. The lower the number of flaws and defects in a diamond, the higher its clarity grade. A diamond’s character is determined by its internal properties.

The clarity metric runs from immaculate to included, and it is typically not perceptible to the human eye. These inclusions can jeopardise the internal structure of the diamond, lowering its market value dramatically.

There are several misunderstandings about diamond clarity. It’s also worth noting that diamonds with the smallest and slightest inclusions obtain the highest clarity grading, as well as higher prices.

Without a doubt, understanding the concept of diamond clarity is crucial in getting the most out of purchases and investments. A clarity plot can be drawn to find out the flaws in the diamond.

Jewel Box can help you in selecting the best diamond jewelleries with higher clarity and fulfil your shopping spree. Jewel Box would make you go crazy with jaw-dropping and exquisite collections.

So, why wait for more? Check-in to select the best jewellery for your special day.

The 4Cs of Diamond – Cut

Ever looked through a prism? It looks beautiful when a ray of light passes through it, isn’t it? Well, the same phenomena takes place in diamonds! Jewel Box’s skilled workers possess a combination of artistry and technique to optimise the brilliance in cutting diamonds.

This helps in proper refraction of light which makes the diamond look elegant! Want more info? Check this article out!

The way a diamond interacts with light is determined by its cut. It’s the sheer skill and craftsmanship that restores the unique feature of the diamond and reflects its beauty. The primary objective of a diamond cutter is to conserve its purity without altering carat weight.

It is extremely critical for the woman to conduct a study to choose which diamond form will best suit her lifestyle. The cut of diamond is of three types:

  • Step Cut

The trapezoid facet or surface of the diamond specifically emphasises on the clarity as well as the colour of the diamonds.  It looks like a flight of stairs. Emerald cut is a famous step cut.

  • Brilliant Cut

The kite shaped surface enhances the brilliance of the light passing through the diamonds. Diamonds come in a range of shapes and sizes. However, some of the common shapes are round, oval, heart-shaped, radiant, princess, cushion, emerald, asscher, marquise, pear. Note that the degree of sparkle depends on this cut.

  • Mixed Cut

It is the basic combination of step and brilliant cut. This particular cut gives a tinge of extraordinary step cut along with a brilliant faceting style of the gemstone.

Experts of JewelBox come in handy to guide as per style and preference pattern. The taste and preference patterns of different individuals may have different essences in resonating with different personas.

Some may have an inclination towards ethnic style while others may opt for the modern extravaganza. Jewel Box has all the ingredients to meet the appetite of their customers.

Something traditional and versatile will also go with whatever other jewellery and outfit you have on. It would be prudent not to make a decision solely based on what’s trending. Jewel Box can fit in everything whether you are classy or sassy.

The 4Cs of Diamond – Carat

Planning for a dream wedding ring to gift your better half? Or one to present your brother at his engagement? Then you must follow the basic 4Cs of selecting quality diamonds. Here’s how!

Among the 4Cs, carat plays an extraordinary role in determining the superiority of diamonds. Do you know carats actually define the weights of the diamonds and specifically not the size? The lab grown diamonds are cut in such technologically advanced technique that it enhances the beauty of the gem.

1 carat is divided into 100 points so that size can be understood. These points invariably refer to the weight of the diamonds. In doubt whether lab grown diamonds have carats? Yes, both mined and lab grown diamonds have carats and are sized accordingly.

Additionally, all the diamonds undergo a standardised diamond grading process before it comes to the market. So it is time to come out of this notion that bigger size indicates more carat. But one thing should be remembered that larger the carat the more expensive it will be.

Choose wisely! Remember, carat is not the only quality assessing criterion for choosing lab grown diamonds. Furthermore, if you are on budget try to stay below weight classes! (Shh…! This is going to save a lot of your money!) Thus, sustainable diamonds should definitely be a part of your closet! So what else? Go for it!

The 4Cs of Diamond – Colour

Confused in assessing the perfect quality of a diamond? Or are you in a dilemma regarding the colour of the diamond?  Don’t worry as we are going to answer all your doubts!

One of the most important factors in evaluating the quality of a diamond is the colour of the gem. You need to be very speculative in selecting diamonds. Colour plays a crucial role in determining the beauty of the diamond. Achieving the best bang of your buck often becomes tedious while purchasing diamonds. You need to know the perfect colour of the diamond for a prudent buy.

The extravagant tint of the diamond makes it look precious especially for the white ones. Real white diamonds commonly have a slight yellowish tint. Colourless diamonds are usually rare to find.

Industries grade these diamonds on the basis of colours ranging from D (colourless) to Z (light yellowish). The more colourless a diamond is, the better is its quality. The colour entity of a diamond is graded by the GIA or AGS institutions for evaluating the excellence.

If you are about to buy a diamond, make sure to check the colour of the gem. Find out the perfect balance between the 4Cs of diamond or else you will end up overpaying, which you would certainly not want, right? Jewel Box is right here with a wide range of perfect diamond jewelries ensuring its quality. So? What more? Buy a few before they are gone!

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