Top 10 Band Rings To Go With Your Solitire Ring

Top 10 Band Rings To Go With Your Solitire Ring

Whether you got engaged to be married and are thinking about stacking your solitaire with the perfect wedding band, or you are celebrating your anniversary, ring stacking is fun. It celebrates your milestones with a concrete ring that will always be remembered. What is a better opportunity to do that in style with lab-grown diamonds, keeping sustainability and affordability in mind?

Here, we will give you ten exquisite band ring options that pair with your solitaire, just like you pair with your partner. Let’s explore this collection.

Everyday Delight Diamond Band

If your solitaire ring is of a round cut with a square clasp, a plain band or an everyday diamond diamond band will just keep your gaze forever on that wedding band. This way, the stacking wouldn’t feel heavy yet will have all the sparkles and shine, just like your wedding day.

Everyday Delight Diamond Band

Sweetheart Diamond Ring

If your solitaire is a pear-shaped diamond, more than 2 carats, the best pick would be to have a V-designed ring like the sweetheart diamond ring. It creates a flush and gives a pointed upward direction. It ends up giving a great contour around the center pear or oval-shaped solitaire engagement ring.

Go-to Eternity Ring

The go-to eternity band symbolizes the forever love between you and your partner, and an all-diamond ring will give a nice contrast to a square or round solitaire rose gold or white gold ring. It will work as a complementary ring since the diamonds are set in the entire circle of the ring, signifying the continuation of love from engagement to wedding till infinity.

Go To Eternity Ring

Infinite Crystal Band

If you want the bigger, the better in your wedding festivities, this infinite crystal band with three rows of closely conjoined diamonds looks grander and will match all the extravagance of your wedding while staying true to your flamboyant personality. It would blend positively spellbinding with any kind of solitaire diamond ring.

North Star Diamond Ring

This sleek yet minimal one diamond North Star diamond ring will complement your 3-5 carat rock beautifully. Since you are opting for a bigger solitaire, the minimal wedding band will create a beautiful combination. Remember to match the metal and thickness of your wedding solitaire with this diamond band.

Galaxy Diamond Ring

For your classic round, pear, or marquise cut diamond solitaire, the intricacy and spirals of the galaxy diamond ring will be a perfect match. The round shape of the diamond contrasts nicely with the swirling patterns of the spiral band, creating an interesting visual interplay. The contrasting styles of the rings will be an ode to your and your loved one’s contrasting personalities and how they unify to create a long-lasting bond.

Evershine Pear Eternity Band

They say rain on your wedding day is a good omen. The Evershine Pear Eternity Band has the personality of raindrops. Pairing a solitaire ring with the Evershine Pear Eternity Band can create a captivating and balanced look. Together, they create a stunning and meaningful symbol of love and commitment.

Dual Power Diamond Ring

The distance between two tiny diamonds in the Dual Power Diamond Ring gives the perfect space to your pointed pear-shaped or trillion-shaped solitaire, creating a nice flush. This way, both bands will have their own individuality reflected yet be seen as a union.

Chic Eternity Diamond Ring

The circumferenced diamond, protected with two channels, will not only keep the diamond in place but also protect the edges of diamonds from chipping. The Chic Eternity Diamond Ring has been a favorite for many due to its timeless appeal and practicality, and you can also wear it alone.

Evershine Emerald Eternity Band

Even though eternity rings are among the most popular and common, this emerald eternity band is one of a kind, giving your solitaire solid support yet standing on its own with its quirky and unique “up and down” emerald pattern. An Emerald Eternity Band with an “up and down” emerald pattern can create a visually striking and luxurious look.

Why Should You Choose Lab-Grown Diamond Stacking Rings?

Choosing a lab-grown diamond to complement your solitaire ensures that luxury comes with consciousness and zero environmental cruelty. Diamond jewellery made by Jewelbox not only leads with its one-of-a-kind, chic yet affordable designs, but it is also sustainable. So, when you adorn it, it comes with a smile of kindness too.

All Jewelbox designs are relentless hard work, class-apart craftsmanship, unmatched creativity, and cutting-edge innovation. Let your diamond stack reflect the milestones and the soul that knows nothing but kindness.

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